Is your family going trick or treating this year? I know that years ago before my family was sleeping well, I dreaded late nights like Halloween night. I knew that winding down for bedtime would be nearly impossible after hours of running around the neighborhood in costume, eating candy, and seeing all of the spooky decorations. And if you aren’t sleeping, chances are staying up late and supervising your munchkins during all of the festivities sounds even more exhausting. Believe me, I know the feeling.


Sleep Training was a game-changer for my family in a lot of ways. One of them was our ability to enjoy nights like Halloween without dreading how they would affect our sleep. Once we had a solid sleep schedule and a predictable bedtime routine, I was a lot more willing to let my boys stay up every once in a while, because I knew we could bounce back the next day. 


If your family is gearing up for a big night of trick or treat, and want to make sure it doesn’t disrupt your sleep, try these tips that have helped my Chasing Dreams families navigate Halloween with ease!


1. Be Prepared

Try to avoid overtiredness and overstimulation; start Halloween off as well-rested as possible. Try to ensure your child is rested prior to Halloween, so if they go off schedule a little for one night, the effects will be minimal. Halloween is exciting, so try to give your child time to enjoy the festivities by starting early if possible!


2. Limit Sugar

Start out Halloween with a good, balanced meal, so your child will be fueled up, and not as prone to fill up on sugar. We all know how sugar affects sleep! Consider allowing a limited number of candies while trick or treating instead of waiting until right before bed. Some families allow a certain number of candies per day, while others offer a trade. For example: your child can turn in their candy after enjoying it for a day, to get a special toy. Some dentists also offer a trade-in system, where they will take the candy and give them a special reward.


3. White Noise

Use white noise to block out the sound of trick-or-treaters if your child is going to bed early. It may be beneficial to put a sign over the doorbell to ask not to ring the bell, explaining that your child is in bed.


4. Leave Candy On the Porch

If your child is going to bed before trick or treating is over, consider leaving candy on the porch to avoid the doorbell. 


5. Start Early, Be Flexible

If your child is trick or treating, start early, so bedtime isn’t too late. For best success, keep to your child’s normal bed timing. Or try to stick as close to your regular bedtime as possible, but you can be a little flexible and have fun! If you stay up late on Halloween, make sure you are back on track the following day to avoid overtiredness.


6. Bedtime Routine

Keep your bedtime routine consistent! Once they’ve checked out all of their loot, it’s time to start that bedtime routine. They will be excited and wound up, so having the familiar and consistent steps of your bedtime routine will help them to relax and prepare for sleep. Consider shutting off all of your lights to help with the melatonin release to help them feel sleepy, and do your bedtime routine by flashlight, for a last little bit of spooky fun!


I hope your family has a wonderful Halloween and that these tips & tricks make Halloween night a little easier. If you enjoyed these tips, be sure to join my FREE Sleep Community, Formerly Tired Moms Club. This Facebook Group is where I drop a TON of live training on popular sleep topics, free resources, workshops, and so much more. Plus, you’ll get the chance to connect with other moms who all have the same goal – to graduate from the #tiredmomsclub for good! See you there!

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