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Sleep is a healthy foundation. You are at your best when you get enough sleep.

I work with exhausted, frustrated adults like you, who are searching for answers for their ongoing sleep issues. The problem is, it takes you hours to fall asleep, you have many night wakings, or are up for hours at a time, all before waking too early in the morning, leaving you feeling anxious about sleep, exhausted, and struggling to make it through each day.

There isn’t enough coffee in the world to help you make it through the long days. You have tried it all to try to improve your sleep, and nothing has worked. It seems as though sleep is not in the cards for you! You are sleep deprived, frustrated that nothing is working, and anxious about sleep.

You are at your wit’s end, not sure where to turn next. With Chasing Dreams, we will work together on gently making changes to improve your overall sleep. So you will be able to fall asleep more quickly without anxiety and sleep better overnight. You will learn tools to help you get the sleep you need so you can wake up feeling happy and well-rested come morning.

You will get the sleep you need to have the energy to thrive during the day. You’ll be better focused to be able to complete your tasks, be in a better mood, and feel like you are at your best. Sleep is not a luxury. It is a vital body function that is essential for every single one of us. Our bodies can not function properly without sleep.

Oh No!

Does any of this sound like your life? If so, you are not alone. These are the things I hear from people all the time, and I’ve been there too. Your search for a solution ends here. With a Chasing Dreams sleep package, we’ll see an improvement in your nights soon. Sleep is on it’s way!


Does this sound familiar?

• You feel like you have tried everything, and nothing is working.

• You wake in the morning feeling exhausted like you will never make it through the day.

• At night, you spend hours staring at the clock, willing yourself to just go to sleep!

• Sleep consumes your thoughts.

• You feel sluggish, and it’s hard to get through each day. It’s hard to focus and concentrate.

• A lack of sleep is affecting the quality of your life, your work, your ability to parent, and be the best partner and person you can be.

• You feel irritable all day.

• You know you could do more and achieve more with a good night sleep.

• You dread the upcoming night, knowing the cycle of insomnia will continue.

• You struggle to fall asleep, wake frequently, and may have long night wakings.

• You may be relying on supplements or sleep medications to help you get any sleep.

• You are desperate to get good sleep, like everyone else.

Talking is the next step…

Schedule a complimentary sleep evaluation by phone. We’ll discuss your sleep obstacles and see if services are a good fit for you.

Oh Yes!

This is not a dream. This is what my clients experience when we work together. Adding a coach to your team goes a long way for ideas, accountability, support and, ultimately, sleep improvement. You could start resting well tonight!


Can you imagine this?

• Waking in the morning, feeling rested, energized, and ready to have a great day.

• Not needing to rely on caffeine to get you through the day, then sleep medications to get you through the night.

• Having the rest your body needs for your health, happiness, and overall well-being.

• Being focused and able to concentrate, not in a daze throughout the day.

• Looking forward to bedtime, and a good night’s sleep.

• Not feeling anxiety around sleep anymore.

• Having a relaxing, enjoyable bedtime routine.

• Falling asleep peacefully, and sleeping well overnight.

• Being the most well-rested you can be!

Great sleep is priceless!

Don’t suffer one more terrible night with poor sleep. Let’s talk about your habits and challenges, then put a plan in place for improvement.

Adult Sleep Package


Be your best self!

This is the exact reason I created my customized sleep package, to take you from being exhausted, frustrated, and irritable… To becoming well-rested, happy, calm, and prepared to be the best you can possibly be. Are you ready to have a relaxing bedtime routine, followed by falling asleep peacefully? Ready to sleep well throughout the night, then wake feeling rested in the morning?

The difference in trying to do this yourself and having an expert with you is the long-term success you will achieve when we work together. You will learn why you are doing each step, as we are getting to the root of each problem. The healthy sleep habits you create will last a lifetime if you try. And I will support you all the way through!

Finally sleep consistently. Wake feeling refreshed. Take on each day with energy. Rest is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Adult Sleep Package Includes:

1) Assess & Prepare

I take in a great deal of information about you in order to treat your case specifically. Let’s get you prepared for that good night’s sleep!

Comprehensive Assessment

This is all about your sleep habits and routines, and will help me learn more about your specific sleep struggles, getting to the root of the problem so we can solve your sleep issues once and for all.

3 Day Food & Beverage Log

I will have you fill out a 3 Day Food & Beverage log. Our food and beverages can have a big effect on your sleep, so this will give me an idea of your food and drinking habits, so we can find any quick wins. I will not ask you to go on a strict diet, we may make some simple adjustments to the timing of foods.

2) Learn & Change

You’ll discover all the benefits of great sleep and how to set yourself up for success. Then you begin taking steps toward improvement.

Custom Sleep Plan
A sleep plan tailored to you, that will address your individual needs. It will provide you with clear, easy to follow steps to work towards healthy sleep habits, so there is no more guesswork! We will make sure you feel comfortable with each step we take, to gently improve your sleep.
Private Consultation

During this call, we will discuss the sleep plan I have prepared for you in-depth, to ensure you feel comfortable and confident to implement the plan. We will be making slow, gentle changes so it does not overwhelm you. We will build the foundation you need to be a great sleeper!

3) Ongoing Support

For four weeks during the program, you’ll be monitored and advised. I provide professionalism and kindness on your journey.

4 Follow-Up Calls
While implementing the plan, we will use these weekly calls to discuss your progress, any setbacks and how to get past those, discuss your next goals you will focus on for the upcoming week, and answer any questions.
Digital Sleep Logs

We will track your sleep through a simple digital sleep log. I will keep an eye on your sleep patterns, and advise you on how to make any adjustments to your schedule or sleep plan to help improve your sleep.

4) Program Graduation

By this point, you’ve absorbed and practiced healthy sleep habits. Yet for even more guidance, I offer a couple added values.

Chasing Dreams Resource Guide
When you have successfully achieved your sleep goals and our time together ends, I will provide you with a Chasing Dreams Resource Guide – for a variety of possible sleep obstacles. These include information about how to handle Daylight Savings, Travel, and Tips for Continued Success. This will ensure you have everything you need to be successful as you move forward in your sleep journey.
Refresher Calls

Life happens! Sometimes new issues arise. Sometimes you just need to revisit the plan for achieving good sleep and have a coach’s motivation and support. No worries… You can schedule Refresher Calls with me as a Graduate. BOOK NOW >

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Happy Clients

“She helped talk me through everything, gave advice and support, and explained the reasoning behind everything. I’m so thankful for the sanity she helped me recover!”

“I felt like I was drowning, and Erin was able to fix it. Erin is incredible at what she does. Not only did she have the technical information to help make sleep training a success, she had the empathy and love that allowed me to understand that I was doing the right thing.”