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Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting can be an ongoing resource for you and your family. This special Graduates area offers a lot for future learning. Please contact me if you ever have questions or needs arise. I’m here to help!

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All About Naps

Crib to Big Bed Transition

Daylight Savings

Early Morning Wake Ups

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Extended Support

Keep a sleep consultant in your back pocket! Request extended support for 3, 6 or 12 months from the date of purchase. Memberships include weekly email and Voxer support, as well as opportunities to discuss how your baby is sleeping, address any recommended changes to the existing sleep plan, and review what to expect developmentally as the little one ages.

  • Save 20% when you purchase within 1 week of graduation.
  • Clients must opt in to the membership service within 30 days of “graduation” from our most recent package. Otherwise, a $50 fee will be charged to re-assess the current sleep needs.

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Extended Support Membership Options

Refresher Calls

1 Ask Me Anything Call


Sleep Analysis Questionnaire

30-Minute Sleep Coaching Call


2 Ask Me Anything Calls


Sleep Analysis Questionnaire

45-Minute Sleep Coaching Call

Emailed Action Plan

15-Minute Check-In Call in 7 days


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