Chasing Dreams

Infant Introduction

Pre-Program Video Modules


Thank you for choosing Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting! I’m excited to have you as clients, and will do all in my power to help your little one develop healthy habits and sleep well. To start my sleep program, I require that you watch these introduction video modules. This ensures you have a good understanding of the process before we begin.


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Erin Lawyer Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting

8 Modules … Total 39 minutes

Infant Videos

Watching these videos is mandatory for anyone who will join our consultation call. We will discuss an abundance of information, so preparing in advance for our talk and beginning the sleep program is the absolute best method for success. Video modules are between 4 and 7 minutes each, to make self-paced viewing very simple. I recommend you watch with your child’s printed sleep plan in front of you.

Pep Talk

It is completely normal to be nervous! But putting confidence in the plan and in your child’s ability to learn will make the difference. Remind yourself… Your child is loved, cared for, supported and fed. Remember WHY you are doing this. There will be big emotions as your little one experiences change and develops a new skill. Stay strong and consistent. Everything will get easier with each passing night.

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