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3 months to 17 months old

Sleep is incredibly important for our little ones to grow physically and mentally.

I work with exhausted, frustrated, stressed parents like you whose love for your children knows no bounds. The only problem is your baby takes hours to fall asleep, has many night wakings, wakes too early in the morning, and often napping is a struggle.

You have tried it all to help your sweet baby get the sleep he needs, and nothing has worked- your child just won’t sleep! You are sleep deprived and frustrated that nothing is working, leaving you at your wit’s end, not sure where to turn next.

Together we will teach your baby independent healthy sleep habits, so he can fall asleep quickly and easily at bedtime. Your baby will learn to sleep through the night, and wake feeling happy and well-rested come morning, in addition to taking great, reliable naps.

Your baby will get the sleep he needs for his growth, development, happiness and overall well-being. You, as the parent, will get the sleep you need so you can be patient, do well at work, be a good parent and partner, and enjoy your baby in each stage of life. Sleep is not a luxury. It is a vital body function that is essential for every single one of us. Our bodies can not function without sleep.


Does any of this sound like your life? If so, you are not alone. These are the things I hear from parents everyday, and I’ve been there too. Your search for a solution ends here. With a Chasing Dreams Sleep plan, we’ll see a dramatic improvement to your baby’s sleep in just a few nights. Sleep is on it’s way!


Does this sound familiar?

• It is always a guessing game- what worked to get your child to sleep one time doesn’t always work the next time.

• It takes hours to try to get your baby to sleep, before trying to sneak out ninja-style. Then, having to repeat this frustrating process once you are caught.

• Your baby will only fall asleep by feeding, patting, rocking, and/or bouncing until you feel like your back will break.

• Being woken up every time you finally manage to fall asleep.

• You are at your wits end, and not knowing what to do, having tried everything.

• Only one parent can put your child to sleep, your baby fights harder when someone else tries.

• Your baby wakes multiple times per night, and needs you to put her back to sleep each time.

• Naps are short, despite knowing she’s exhausted, she and you are left feeling tired and cranky after.

• You are concerned that your baby isn’t getting the sleep she needs for her health, development and well-being.

• Your baby is often cranky, gets frustrated easily, and can be very clingy from being so tired. She struggles to enjoy fun activities.

• You are struggling with your own lack of sleep, feeling physically and mentally drained, having no relaxation time, and a lack of quality time with your partner.

Talking is the next step…

Schedule a complimentary phone evaluation to discuss your sleep obstacles and see if services are a good fit for your family.


This is the exact reason I created my customized sleep programs, to take you from being an exhausted, frustrated, cranky parent trying to manage an overtired baby to a happy parent, whose child easily gets the sleep he needs. It’s not a dream. This is my clients’ new reality once we work together and teach their child good sleep skills!


Can you imagine this?

• Kissing your baby goodnight, lay him in his crib awake, he peacefully falls asleep, and stays sleeping until morning.

• Your entire family getting a good night of sleep, waking feeling happy and refreshed each day.

• Laying your baby down for naps, and having her easily fall asleep.

• Having a reliable daytime schedule, with your baby taking good naps, being rested and in a good mood.

• Being able to have other people put your child down to sleep so you can enjoy a night out, or run errands without your child.

• Finally getting the sleep you need, and having the patience to be the best parent you can be!

• Having your evenings back for yourself – however you spend your free time!

Not sure if one-on-one is for you?

Take advantage of my online offerings! Reserve a spot in the next Sleep Webinar, to help your child learn lifelong sleep skills.

Infant Sleep Package


Give everyone the best!

It’s time to be a well-rested, calmer, more patient mom to a happier baby, having the time to relax and enjoy life with your baby sleeping through the night and taking nice long naps. Are you ready for bedtime to be a dream – actually looking forward to that calm, relaxing time with your sweet child? Are you ready for your baby to fall asleep for naps and bedtime on his own, in his crib, after a relaxing, enjoyable, loving routine?

Infant Sleep Package Includes:

1) Assess & Prepare

I will learn all about your child and circumstances. You will start dreaming and preparing for a good night’s sleep.

Comprehensive Assessment

This is all about your baby’s sleep habits and routines, and will help me learn more about your family and child’s specific sleep struggles, getting to the root of the problem so we can solve your baby’s sleep issues once and for all.

Custom Sleep Plan

This is an extensive and fully-detailed sleep plan tailored to your family, that will address your child’s individual needs. It will provide you with clear, easy to follow steps to teach your child healthy sleep habits, so there is no more guesswork!

2) Learn & Change

Our private consultation kicks off the process. We’ll review your special plan and be sure you feel confident implementing changes.

Private Consultation

During this call, we will discuss the sleep plan I have prepared for you in depth, to ensure you feel comfortable and confident to implement the plan. Our goal is to build the foundation you need to teach your child to be a great sleeper!

Planning Process

During our consultation, we will discuss your child’s personalized sleep plan including:

  • Daily routines and schedules
  • Sleep environment to make sure your baby’s nursery is conducive to good sleep
  • Strategies to teach your child to self-soothe and fall asleep independently
  • Troubleshooting any potential problems
  • Learn how to address: bedtime, night wakings, naps, any other specific sleep issues you may be dealing with
3) Ongoing Support

We will work together for three weeks during the program. Throughout, you’ll get advice, troubleshooting and celebration.

3 Follow-Up Calls
While implementing the plan, we will use these calls to discuss your child’s progress or any setbacks, discuss what to expect next, and answer any general questions.
Unlimited Follow-Up Emails

During our three week program, you can communicate through email as often as you would like. I will respond within 24 hours, and in most cases twice per day.

Voxer Voice Messaging
The Voxer Walkie Talkie App is a great option for busy families, where you can quickly send me voice messages. I check messages twice per day, to support you on your sleep journey.
Digital Sleep Logs

We will track your baby’s sleep through a digital sleep log. I will keep an eye on your child’s sleep patterns, and advise how to make any adjustments to your child’s schedule to maximize their sleep as needed.

4) Program Graduation

At the end of our time, your child should be sleeping better. There is still a long road ahead, and I do what I can to help.

Chasing Dreams Resource Guide
After graduation, we’ll prepare you for possible sleep obstacles your baby may face as he ages. This comprehensive guide features information about… Life after Sleep Training, Handling Illness, Travel, Teething, Daylight Saving, Crib to Big Bed Transition, and All About Naps (which includes how to adjust your child’s schedule and how to work through nap transitions). This will ensure you have everything you need to be successful as you move forward in your sleep journey.
Infant Sleep Package Add-Ons

I offer a few options to assist for different family dynamics and further advancement. Full details below about these add-ons:

  • Text Support Add-On
  • Bedtime Support Add-On
  • Siblings Add-On

Infant Sleep Package Add-Ons

More to help out!

Teaching your child life-long healthy sleep skills is the greatest gift you can give to her. Our purpose is for baby to finally consistently sleep through the night, in addition to taking long restorative naps. This ensures she is getting the sleep she needs for health, happiness and overall well-being. Sometimes making these routine changes can seem pretty major, and you as a parent could use a little more support. My add-on options have been created to suit many unique families and needs. Text Support Add-On, Bedtime Support Add-On and Siblings Add-On can be supplemented to Infant or Toddler+ Sleep Packages.

Add-On Services


Additional Child…
Receive a $100 discount for each child of a different age on any sleep package.

Twins, Triplets & More…
Only $75 extra for any sleep package.

Savings Of


Bedtime Support

Private, in-person, at-home reinforcement. Includes performing a bedroom assessment, shadowing your bedtime routine and supervising the falling asleep process.

I will arrive at your home 30 minutes before your child’s bedtime routine, to help guide you through all the sleep plan steps and questions. I will be present for 3 hours or until 10:00 PM (Eastern).

*Covers cost of Infant Sleep Package

starting at


Text Support

Unlimited direct texting with me for in-the-moment guidance as you implement your new custom sleep plan on the first night. Your texts are treated as urgent, and response time is under 5 minutes. Available until 11:00 PM (Eastern).

Option 1… $100
Includes 2 hours of support, starting at the beginning of your child’s bedtime routine.

Option 2… $250
Includes 5 hours of support from 6:00 to 11:00 PM. Before, during and after bedtime routine.

starting at


I Also Help Adults!

The Sleep Consultant Difference…

The difference in trying to do this yourself and having an expert with you is the long-term success achieved by us working as a team. You will learn why you are doing each step, as we are getting to the root of each problem, so your child will begin healthy sleep habits. I will support you each step of the way – until we reach sleep success!

Want more information?

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Happy Clients

“I can’t even put into words what a necessary investment this has been for our whole family’s health and wellness. We are all sleeping better, and mom and dad are even getting time together for date night!”

“I was at my breaking point with my son when she swooped in. He went from waking up every 2 hours at a year old to sleeping through the whole night. That was 2 years ago, and he’s still a great sleeper.”

“My 4 and a half month old was TOUGH! He was napping only 20 minutes twice a day, and waking 5 times through the night. Mom and Dad were at their wits end! Our little guy took well to our plan, and by the second day he was sleeping 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM with 3 naps during the day, each 1-2 hours long! He was a changed boy!”