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Erin Lawyer

Certified Sleep Consultant

Teaching your child to love sleep is one of the best gifts you can give.

My name is Erin Lawyer, owner of Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting. I am a Certified Pediatric and Adult Sleep Consultant. I am also a mother of three boys… Jared, Lucas, and Zachary.

I work with loving parents of wonderful children. The only problem is you are frustrated and exhausted because your child is not sleeping well. Your child just won’t sleep! You have tried it all, but nothing is working. You are at your wit’s end, not sure where to turn next. Sleep shouldn’t be this hard, and it does not have to be!

I was personally trained and mentored by Dana Obleman, the world-renowned sleep expert and creator of the Sleep Sense™ Program, one of the most extensive sleep certification programs in the world. Becoming a certified sleep consultant gave me the tools and knowledge I need to help families like yours teach their little ones healthy sleep habits that’ll last a lifetime.

I not only have taught my own three children to be amazing sleepers, I have also helped hundreds of families since 2014. I understand how challenging and stressful it can be for parents to make changes to their child’s sleep habits while second-guessing every step of the process.

Don’t hesitate…

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I care because I have been in your shoes.

I understand what it feels like to have sleep deprivation affect every area of your life. Struggling to be mom, wife, go to work, trying to balance it all… Without sleep! My only goal every day was to take a shower, even if it was only two minutes while entertaining the baby through the shower door. That was the extent of caring for myself. As soon as the baby went to sleep, I had to rush off in hopes of getting a little sleep before the first night waking. There was no predictability in our days or nights, and I struggled with a lack of a schedule. The idea of night time and getting some sleep was oh so appealing until I remembered that there would be no sleep for me. If I fell asleep, the sound of crying would soon wake me. All night long. Every night… I bet you can relate to these frustrating feelings!

I Have Seen The Other Side.

I have also seen the other side of this. By starting with good sleep habits right away, my third son was a very happy, well-rested baby. As parents, we were also rested enough to enjoy each stage of development. We were not stressed while trying to manage a chronically overtired, miserable baby – which is what we experienced with our first two children. Plus, I had time to care for myself, and to spend with my husband.

Happy Clients

“Erin really cares about her clients which you can see by her constant support and encouragement. She is right there with you, guiding you to help your little one get the ZZZs they need.”

“I trust her completely and even when I feel hesitant to do what she says, thinking that wouldn’t work for my kid, I try anyway and it always works! Thank you for giving me well rested kids and free time for me!”