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Some Answers About Newborns…

Why work with me?
As a mother of 3 young boys, I have been where you are. I thought my oldest son was a poor sleeper, then along came my second to prove me wrong. I know how sleep deprivation can affect every area of your life- your relationships, your mental well-being, your ability to parent, and your life as a whole.

I also know what a world of difference a well-rested baby makes to the family. My third son learned good sleep skills from the beginning, and he was such a well-rested, happy boy. We were all well-rested enough to enjoy each stage, instead of stressed trying to manage a chronically overtired, miserable baby, which we experienced with our first two children.

It brings me such joy to be able to help you go from being an exhausted, frustrated parent to a well-rested, happy family. I truly care about each child and each family and it is my goal to help bring you to the world of restful sleep.

I understand how challenging and stressful it can be for parents to make changes to their child’s sleep habits while second-guessing every step of the process. My focus is to educate parents to help guide their newborn towards healthy sleep skills. I will work with you to build a healthy foundation for sleep for your sweet baby, so you can enjoy each moment of your baby’s life, as well-rested as possible.

Does my newborn need night feeds?
Absolutely, yes! We will follow his lead, and he will have as many feeds as he needs. As your baby moves through the program, he will likely reduce these feeds, and sleep longer chunks as he learns to connect his sleep cycles. Often, by the end of the program at 12 weeks of age, babies that are gaining well have often reduced their feeds on their own to somewhere between 2 and 0 feeds, most often 1 or 0.
Can I continue to co-sleep?
When we work together, we will remove all sleep props including a parents presence, so that your child learns completely independent sleep skills, and sleeps in his own bed. Co-sleeping is dangerous, and is not recommended by the AAP or Chasing Dreams.
What about crying?
My approach is gentle and will ease your baby through the transition of learning to fall sleep from drowsy, while maintaining your active involvement. I will guide you on how to soothe and calm your baby if he starts crying, to keep him as calm as we can during the process of learning to fall asleep from drowsiness.
Will someone else be able to put my child down?
Yes!! We will be sure to involve multiple caregivers as we work together, so your baby learns that anyone can put him down, and he can drift off to sleep. We will discuss when and how to involve your partner (if they aren’t involved in sleep periods already), and other caregivers to achieve this. We want your baby to be able to easily fall asleep, for whoever puts him down.
How fast will I see results?
This really varies from family to family. It is a slow, gradual approach where we start by working on bedtime, and 1 nap per day. If things are going great and you can work on more sleep periods, fantastic! If you or your baby are having a hard time, then we continue slowly. Sometimes there are medical issues that can delay our progress.

Our goal by the end of our time together is to have met the baby where he was at, and to improve his overall sleep. You will have the skills and confidence to continue practicing, as his sleep continues to come together. Every child is different, so I can not guarantee a timeline.

Do you have a guarantee?
I cannot guarantee my services because some of the results are out of my hands. Parents play a huge role in the success of the process. Both your commitment and follow through are necessary for success. I will guide and support you through the process to help your baby improve his overall sleep, but I can not force you to follow the plan. Of course, mistakes and misunderstandings happen from time to time, but these are easily corrected along the way as we stay in touch throughout the plans implementation. Sometimes babies also have medical conditions or reflux which may slow our progress. We will discuss any adjustments that need to be made as we move through our program. Families that are able to follow the program see huge improvements, and are most often in a much better spot than they would have been without working on their babies’ sleep.


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