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It’s a digital world, so Chasing Dreams Sleep Consulting tries hard to offer relevant content online. Join a webinar today. Start sleeping well!

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Newborn Webinar

This one-hour webinar is designed for babies zero to 10 weeks old. My workshop style gives expectant parents and parents of newborns the knowledge, tools and tips to help lay a foundation for your newborn baby to get healthy sleep.

• Live Newborn Webinar and Q&A
• Newborn Sleep Guide
• Private 30-minute support call

Investment … free

Sleep Webinar

Do you have a baby, toddler or preschooler that just will not sleep? This live webinar is designed to empower tired parents, providing information to teach your child lifelong healthy sleep skills.

At the end, I host a Q&A session to dig into specifics about your child and obstacles. Overall, you will gain knowledge and tools to help your whole family finally get necessary sleep.

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